Safety Tips for School During COVID pandemic

This is how we can keep schools COVID-safe

As more people get vaccinated and the cases see a drop in numbers, most schools are gearing up to reopen. While it is true that the number of cases are significantly decreasing, COVID-19, is far from being gone. Every school needs to ensure that the environment they provide is safe for education during the pandemic. Several ICSE schools in Kharghar, are working towards proving the best environment during these testing times.


Here are a few Do’s that the schools must take care of:

  • Educate about the pandemic: Most ICSE Schools in Navi Mumbai, would certainly be working towards educating their staff and students about the virus, so as to ensure that they make the right decisions.
  • Ensure that the school premises are safe: Disinfecting the campus from time to time, while making sure that the surroundings are hygienic for students, needs to be done to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, or any other diseases.
  • Encourage sanitising or washing hands: Best schools of Navi Mumbai, and all over the world, will certainly make sure that they children about the importance of washing hands for 40 seconds every hour. Sanitising their hands every hour should not be missed, at the very least.
  • Let unwell people rest at home: Students and staff members should be encouraged to stay at home, even if they experience the slightest of cold. This will be best for everyone’s health.
  • Implement social distancing at all times: Schools must make sure that students are at a safe distance from each other at all times. Students need to avoid any contact with each other, even if it is just a hand shake.
  • Sharing is not caring during these times: While students should be encouraged to share their things with each other, during the pandemic, one should do the opposite since it avoids the spread of bacterias and viruses through contact.
  • Make sure that there is no crowding: It is very easy for students to gather during recess, and this needs to be avoided at all times. Just like the classrooms, students should be distancing themselves from each other in the corridors and washrooms too.


If you are looking for ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai, make sure that the school follows these guidelines, and ensures the safety of their students and staff. Make sure that the staff is fully vaccinated against the virus too!

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