Preparing Children for the First Grade

How Preschools in Navi Mumbai Prepare Children for the First Grade

Early education plays a vital role in preparing children for Big School. It acts as the perfect transition stage as they get well-acquainted about the various learning activities that are conducted in a primary school. When children enter 1st grade, they are exposed to longer school duration, more homework, and more interaction with teachers along with co-students, which can get overwhelming if they have not gone through a pre-primary education stage. There are many good pre-primary schools in Kharghar where children of the age group 3 to 5 years are introduced to fun learning activities that make them ready for primary education. Some of the most important skills that children learn at a pre-primary school is reading, writing, basic mathematics, numerical skills, problem solving, social skills, fine motor skills etc. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant aspects of early education that prepare your child for the first grade.

Emotional development

Children learn to understand their own feelings and their feelings towards others at a preschool. The faculty at some of the preschools in Navi Mumbai engage the students in specially designed activities which help them analyse every child’s emotional quotient and general behavioural patterns.

Social Skills

The pre-school curriculum includes different types of interactive play-and-learn sessions that are focussed on enhancing the social skills of children. These specialised learning and teaching methodologies also help in improving communication skills and self-control.

Literary skills

Pre-primary schools in Kharghar also focus on developing basic reading and writing skills which strengthen their base before entering 1st grade. This is the time when children must learn to identify simple words, write their own name etc.

Listening skills and attention

Preschools in Kharghar provide children with a conducive learning environment where children are encouraged to listen carefully. Listening is the key to learning, and hence developing this skill in your child is essential before they take their first step towards a formal education program in 1st grade. The curriculum at a preschool is designed to improve the attention span of children.

Fine motor skills

Students at pre-schools in Navi Mumbai get involved in different types of craft and art activities. Developing fine motor skills at an early age prepares young children for complex and more challenging projects that they might have to engage in later at a higher grade.

Physical strength and co-ordination

The preschool training also makes children physically stronger as they take part in a wide range of games which involves running, climbing etc. Moreover, these activities also improve aspects such as co-ordination, teamwork etc.

Math and problem-solving skills

Children are exposed to basic math and problem-solving activities like counting numbers, simple calculations etc. so that they are adept to solve more complex math problems going ahead.


The pre-school curriculum also focusses on developing a child’s creativity and finding their unique capabilities. This is essential to identify the true potential of every student. They are introduced to different games which enhance the curiosity levels within and develop creativity.

If you are looking for pre-primary schools in Navi Mumbai, make sure that the school’s early education curriculum is designed to develop the essential skills mentioned above, before your child starts his/her formal education journey in the first grade.

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