Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering First Grade

As your kid transitions from their baby years to mid-childhood years, they experience major changes in terms of growth- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their eagerness to learn and hence their number of questions asked per unit time increase exponentially.

After their kindergarten graduation, you have geared up to shortlist the most suitable primary schools in Navi Mumbai for your little one.

They are moving on from their all-play and little academics school to a more academic and lesser play-focused school. While ICSE schools in Kharghar provide a home-like environment to your kid, your little one should be ready to keep up with the pace of the class.

Although every child has their unique pace, here’s a checklist for you to ensure that your little one smoothly transitions to this new phase of life-

  1. Linguistic skills-

Before entering the first grade, your child should be able to enunciate words properly. Basics like being able to say names- theirs and yours- are essential. Along with being able to express themselves, your child should be able to speak alphabets A through Z clearly and must be familiar with topics like animals, basic body parts, etcetera.

How you can help- By making your child elaborate on their observations, you can help them come up with words. For instance, if they point out sparrows, you can ask them to count them, identify their color, and so on.

  1. Academic Skills-

A few of the academic skills expected of your child are stated below-

  • Writing Skills-

Your child is expected to be able to hold the pencil well and be able to write their names correctly. Since your child will begin to write complete sentences, they should have the prerequisite of being able to follow the teacher’s instructions and copy the sentences written on board to their notebooks.

How you can help- By making them write the names and different words as you speak them, you can improve your child’s concentration and ability to follow the instructions.

  • Math Skills-

Along with counting, they should be able to identify basic shapes like squares and rectangles.

How you can help– Making learning fun is the best way to teach your kid the skills. You can enthuse them by asking them the shapes of the surrounding objects, and so on.

  1. Social Skills-

This is a vital skill set for your little one to adjust to their new school comfortably. Since the kids are cocooned at their homes and to some extent at kindergartens too, finding themselves in a larger group may look intimidating to them if they feel uncomfortable in social settings.

Your child should be able to participate in group activities, share their stuff, and be able to make friends with their classmates.

How you can help– Encouraging your little one to go out and play with other kids, teaching them to share their objects, and respect their peers is a way to make them socially outgoing.

By ensuring these aforementioned skills in your child, you will be able to enroll your kid in the best suited ICSE Schools in Kharghar from a long list of Primary schools in Navi Mumbai.

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