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Best pre primary schools in kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Vishwajyot is one of the finest pre-primary schools in Kharghar where the early education curriculum is focused on developing the child’s emotional intelligence and foundation for learning through a carefully designed routine that includes play, storytelling, music and art. Play builds concentration, social skills, and satisfies the child’s need for discovery. Storytelling builds fluency in speaking and listening, increases vocabulary and feeds the imagination of the child. Music and Art bring joy to the child’s day while actually strengthening the synapses between the brain cells! Our little kindergarteners also engage in hand work such as beading and stitching which strengthens their fine motor skills, in the process producing useful objects ranging from small beads to sling bags, making Vishwajyot one of the best schools in Navi Mumbai known for its rich curriculum.

Pre-Primary School in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Discovering My Extraordinary World

The formative years of 3 to 6 are dedicated to the exploration of language, habit, kinaesthetic awareness and the joys of creating through imagination.
At this phase, our children begin to discover

Enthusiasm and joy for learning

A healthy and active lifestyle

Their creative abilities

Imagination and curiosity

Effective communication and expression



Our kindergarten curriculum is based on the Montessori, Playway and Steiner philosophies and satisfies all the objectives laid out in the NEP 2020.
To be able to write well, the child’s fine motor skills should be well developed. At the same time she should be able to express herself verbally in the language so that the writing has meaning for her. In kindergarten we focus on these two building blocks for writing. Beading, stitching and art activities allow the child to build fine motor skills. Storytelling and conversation activities during the Morning Circle help the child to learn how to speak fluently in the language. With this strong foundation, it takes no time for the child in UKG to begin writing letters and phrases comfortably.
We follow a unique system for food in the kindergarten. Each parent is assigned one day in the month to prepare food for her child’s class according to a menu designed by us. The children then serve and eat food that is shared together by all. This beautiful ritual brings the children together, teaches them how to eat independently and without being fussy. After all, you can’t refuse to eat the food that your friend is serving you with love!


Our Programs


(3-5 yrs)

Active Play

The pre-primary curriculum is based on imaginative play, artistic activities, simple crafts, song, puppetry, and much more. It’s all about fostering the physical, emotional, intellectual and cultural development of the child.

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(6-10 yrs)

Love for Learning

With the introduction of personalised model of education, children begin to learn at their own pace. Math, Language and Sciences are introduced with the help of stories and art to create interest and love for learning.

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Middle School

(11-13 yrs)

Learning by Doing

The middle school program transforms the student’s days into a structured framework of experiential learning that encourages children to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.

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High School

(14-17 yrs)

Preparing for the future

The program is designed to enable students to take responsibility for their learning and intellectual pursuits and to empower them to meet the demanding intensity of exams, career choices and higher study options.

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