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Best Higher Secondary school in kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Vishwajyot is one of the leading higher secondary ICSE schools in Kharghar that acts as a bridge between the protected world of school and the real world for students. The journey that led to high school has given our children enough exposure to a wide variety of things, now they must choose some to excel in. Vishwajyot is one of the best schools near Panvel where children make this choice, after which, they are introduced to Projects, Internships, etc. to help the children realize what awaits them in the working world. We also help children develop and practice their agency, whether it comes to them through courses like career crafting or through running various clubs or running the School itself! And it is due to this program that we have had a 100% result in the ICSE board examinations for 6 years in a row, making Vishwajyot, one of the best schools in Navi Mumbai.

High School in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Discovering My Extraordinary World

In High School children discover

What success and excellence look like on a global scale

Critical thinking and questioning

An industrious, 21st-century mindset

The value of hard work and perseverance

Their unique passions and interests

Their power of the choices and consequences of their decisions

Vishwajyot is one of the leading higher secondary ICSE schools in Kharghar that offers a holistic curriculum to help students achieve their goals in life and secure their bright future.



Currently we offer Science and Commerce streams in the 11th and 12th grades.
This is a myth. It is equally possible to score good marks under the ICSE board as it is under the CBSE board. In fact, studying through the ICSE curriculum builds critical thinking skills that serve the child well for his entire life.


Our Programs


(3-5 yrs)

Active Play

The pre-primary curriculum is based on imaginative play, artistic activities, simple crafts, song, puppetry, and much more. It’s all about fostering the physical, emotional, intellectual and cultural development of the child.

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(6-10 yrs)

Love for Learning

With the introduction of personalised model of education, children begin to learn at their own pace. Math, Language and Sciences are introduced with the help of stories and art to create interest and love for learning.

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Middle School

(11-13 yrs)

Learning by Doing

The middle school program transforms the student’s days into a structured framework of experiential learning that encourages children to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.

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High School

(14-17 yrs)

Preparing for the future

The program is designed to enable students to take responsibility for their learning and intellectual pursuits and to empower them to meet the demanding intensity of exams, career choices and higher study options.

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