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Many reasons your child should attend preschool in Kharghar

Parents are often in a dilemma when sending their kids to a pre-school whether their child is ready to learn in a school at a tender age. In fact, a good pre-school can help your child prepare for an academic, social, and emotional journey. There are many pre-schools in Kharghar and other major cities, that offer a holistic curriculum for the overall development of children. Here is how a pre-school can be beneficial for your child.

An opportunity for growth

Pre-school is the place where children get to learn in a structured atmosphere for the first time with other kids and teachers. It helps them to learn to share with other kids, follow instructions, and develop social bonds thus preparing the child for learning in the future.

Children become ready to take the next step i.e. kindergarten

Kindergarten is the beginning of the academic journey of your child and preschool seasons the child for it. The child becomes acquainted with the concept of learning through play.

How will you zero in on the best pre-schools in Kharghar? Well, a good preschool appoints teachers who understand children’s psychology, their growth pattern, and their psychological requirements. And they plan space, time, and activities to be in sync with children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities.

Helps in social and emotional development

Best schools in Kharghar provide a secure and protected environment where trained teachers keep an eye on them and help them learn while playing. Children make strong bonds with other kids and teachers who are personally connected to every child. These trained teachers take a cue from the parents about their child and plan the activities accordingly. Daily reports of the child’s activities are sent to parents.

An invisibly orderly environment for better learning

A good pre-school ensures that the child is directed towards social interactions with lesser conflicts and play games. Children may not realize that they are instructed and yet they learn to follow instructions happily.

Teachers help children to choose their activity

Children are not forced to take any activity but are given a choice from the plethora of activities. These activities encourage them to play and interact with other kids.

Children become responsible and caring

Trained teachers at pre-schools in Kharghar make children feel important and responsible by taking their help in classroom tasks, arranging their table, keeping toys in place after playing, helping each other in doing different things. They learn to focus on instructions and the talks with their classmates.

Cognitive and language skills are developed

Children learn maximum words between the age of 3 and 5 and they learn to form longer sentences. In a pre-school, the teacher tells them new words during different activities while asking questions and talking about their favourite stories, toys etc.

Hands-on activities help them develop their cognitive skills where they need to observe, give solutions, and coordinate different activities at a time.

Children develop motor skills

Different activities are designed in pre-schools in Kharghar for kids to make them run, climb, play different games, do various activities like collecting and counting beads or pebbles, folding and cutting papers etc. All these help them develop motor skills and better hand-eye coordination.

Children learn basic maths and reading

Children are taught basic addition, subtraction counting, etc. during play sessions while trying to read instructions for games and puzzles.

Teachers teach them alphabets through rhymes and it becomes a game which they enjoy a lot. Learning rhymes and chants helps them to notice the distinct sounds within words. Engaging children in a discussion about an exciting read-aloud story encourages their listening, comprehension, and expressive language skills. Playing with magnetic alphabet letters may inspire a child to ask a teacher to help her write the first letter of her name. Matching games, sorting games, counting games, and board games build children’s understanding of numbers, categories, and sequence, which supports later math learning. Putting together puzzles encourages children to notice patterns, plan and solve problems.


Pre-schools help maintain and nurture child’s curiosity

Children have a very fertile imagination and can easily make up stories. Trained pre-school teachers know how to creatively use this to make them learn some practical lessons. They do it through organizing activities like creating a sweet shop and making them, helping her label things, keeping them neat and covered, touching after washing hands, and preparing on toy kitchen tools. In the process, they learn many useful lessons while enjoying the activity and using their imagination to make them believe in their unique skills.


There are many good pre-schools in Kharghar that offer the best options which assure you that your child is in the right hands. The best pre-schools in my area offer the best care for children during their foundation years. Go ahead and find the ideal pre-school in your area and you will thank yourself for helping your child build a strong foundation for her life.

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