Importance of Secondary Education for kids

The first fifteen years of a person’s life are very impressionable and important. These are the foundation years of human life. If that foundation is laid with the bricks of quality education, then children can use it as a launchpad to define their own path to success. Secondary education is that foundation that prepares students for the challenges that they may face in the future by building their knowledge base and confidence. It empowers them with essential 21st-century skills that lead them towards their goals. Secondary education is every child’s right and we should ensure that every child gets to exercise that right. Many well-known ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai are working in this direction by providing scholarships and a world-class learning environment for students to reach their true potential. Now, let’s look at the benefits of secondary education.

Better job opportunities

Secondary education can help children get better jobs, thus increasing the possibility of earning more and improving their financial status. The world has evolved over the years and today, we have a variety of skill-based career opportunities that students can explore after secondary education. The unique curriculum offered by ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai helps students to identify their capabilities and be aware of their own areas of interest. Over the years, they hone their talents and become equipped to explore a career of their choice.

Personality and skill development

The specially designed curriculum offered by secondary schools develops every student’s personality and boosts his/her confidence to a great extent. The faculty trains students to enhance essential traits through extracurricular activities like sports, arts, crafts, music, etc. These activities equip them with social skills and communication skills, other than helping them with finding their hidden talent.

Better understanding

Till the completion of secondary education, students start understanding the world better, and if they are in the right environment, they develop the right perspective.  During their secondary curriculum, they get an opportunity to interact with students belonging to different cultures, which opens up new horizons. It is the time when children start understanding the nitty-gritty of society. School can help them to understand diverse cultures and their role in keeping society united.

Keeps them away from crime and violence

Secondary education makes them understand the difference between right and wrong, crime and its repercussion and saves them from getting lost in the dark alleys of crime. They become sensitive towards other people and understand the value of respecting each other’s feelings.

Creates healthy individuals

Secondary education makes students aware of good health practices and the importance of staying clean and hygienic, thereby helping them stay healthy while taking care of their family as well. According to one of the studies undertaken to understand the impact of education on health, it was noted that every extra year of secondary education was associated with a 24.5% and 43.1% reduction in young citizens being infected by the deadly HIV.

Top ICSE Schools in Navi Mumbai and their contribution to secondary education

To provide multi-disciplinary skills to students, some of the top ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai have created 21st-century frameworks that are globally aligned and have the right set of activities to help children gain skills like critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.

Children are taught to take responsibility for their societies and are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas and project-based learning outcomes that give them a clear understanding of the roles they can play as educated citizens.

There is also the emphasis on the holistic development of children, not just in secondary schools but also at the beginning of a child’s educational journey like kindergarten. The idea is to develop them in all areas of life, thus making them emotionally, socially, and academically sound.

Considering the number of benefits a child can gain through secondary school education, parents should ensure that children are given the opportunity to attend a school that emphasizes a wholesome learning approach rather than the traditional bookish method.

Even government-run schools are now understanding how holistic education can benefit and improve the educational journey of every child. There are schemes like the Samagra Shiksha Scheme which helps teachers and students work together to create positive outcomes for all.

Secondary education is a crucial part of a student’s learning years, and no child should be denied this opportunity for self-development, which in turn can develop the society and the economy at large.

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