How to Teach Children Problem-Solving Skills

From childhood to adulthood, problem-solving is an essential life skill we use throughout our lives. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we ensure our children develop these skills as early as possible. While we acknowledge that we need to inculcate problem-solving skills in our children, finding methods of introducing this skill to them is easier said than done. Most preschools in cities like Navi Mumbai or Delhi are finding ways of teaching children this essential skill using modern learning tools. Here are a few ways you can try to strengthen your little one’s problem-solving skills!

1.  Use Everyday Problems as an opportunity

Let your kids be a part of daily routines at home. Ask them for their suggestions and views on any small hiccup that you might face, like spotting things or asking how they would solve problems while doing daily chores.

2. Ask open-ended questions

If you ever come across a situation where your child faces certain difficulties like not being able to reach the top shelf or buttoning up their shirts, try to ask them why they are facing trouble while doing it. This will help them introspect and find a solution themselves. They will learn to look for reasons behind a problem and how they can solve these issues. Many preschools in Navi Mumbai adopt this technique to introduce children to enquiry-based learning from an early age.

3. Address their emotions when they face problems

Oftentimes, when we were children, we would feel dejected if we couldn’t learn something quickly or failed at something repeatedly. Our children could be going through the same things when they try to learn new skills. It is important to help them understand what they feel and let them know that you had trouble learning new things too.

4. Tell them stories where problems were solved

Storytelling is one of the first ways a child learns lessons and morals. While we focus on telling them tales of heroes who were perfect, we could also tell them stories where the main character had some problems and how they overcame them. This will help them understand that they might also face several problems every day but all of them can be solved by staying positive and thinking logically. The preschool section in ICSE schools in Kharghar engage children in captivating stories to enhance their imagination power.

5. Take advantage of their curiosity

Children are extremely curious by nature. Everything excites them and they would want to keep exploring! As parents and educators, you might find it difficult sometimes but you can use their incessant questions and ask them back as to how they think it works. This will promote the idea of going to the roots of concepts and finding answers on their own.

While looking for top ICSE schools in Kharghar or preschools in Navi Mumbai for your little ones, parents must ensure that the school actively looks to develop problem-solving skills in students so they can be independent in life and face any situation with confidence.

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