Creative ways to encourage kids to be physically fit

Physical activity is beneficial for the overall health of kids. It encourages growth and development in children and should be included in their day-to-day life. Older children and adolescents benefit from at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to develop strong bones and muscles, increase endurance, and maintain a healthy weight. There is growing evidence that moderate to vigorous physical activity for kids improves their critical thinking skills, grade point averages, and standardised test scores.

Physical activity should be a component of family life on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions for getting your children to be more active:

Be a role model

We can have a greater impact on our children as parents by following a healthy lifestyle we want them to adopt. Make time for exercise in your daily or at least weekly schedule, and show your children that you are doing so. If you are physically active, your children will most likely be active as well. Encourage them to participate in organised sports or other physical activities together.

Motivate kids to participate in outdoor activities

Encourage your children to participate in sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, or even track and field games. Most ICSE schools in Kharghar include such extracurricular activities for kids. If they aren’t interested in athletics, they might enjoy dance, cheerleading, or yoga. Your youngster will stay interested and want to maintain their exercise level if they are doing something they enjoy with other kids who share their interests. Playing sport also helps in developing team spirit which plays a vital role in one’s life and career.

Keep minimum electronic device usage

With multiple televisions in most homes today, as well as a variety of technologies such as video game systems, tabs, and cell phones, resisting temptation, even for parents, can be challenging. It is, nevertheless, critical to schedule electronic-free time for you and your children, during which the entire family can engage in exciting physical activities together. Avoid giving easy access to the TV and other electronic devices, and keep track of your child’s electronic usage.

Assist your child in discovering his or her true passion

Your children will be more likely to stick with an activity if they are truly enthusiastic about it, so assist them in discovering what they truly enjoy. Any physical activity is beneficial, whether it be baseball, dance, or hiking. It’s vital to remember that kids don’t have to be the greatest at their chosen activity; what matters is that they should enjoy the process. There are many ICSE schools in Kharghar that offer a holistic curriculum that encourages children to discover their passion.

Emphasize safety in every activity

All physical activities for kids come with their own safety hazards, but you can protect your child by making sure the activity is developmentally and age-appropriate, apart from providing them with the proper equipment and a safe area to play in.

Make physical activity a top priority

Life is busier than ever and finding time for health might be difficult. We will find excuses to skip our exercise regime until we consider health as one of the top priorities in life. If it is vital to you and your children to stay active, you will make time in your schedule to do so. Pull out your planner and make a note of it on your schedule.

Introduce exercise to your children together with a well-balanced diet to lay the groundwork for a healthy, active lifestyle. Encouraging good behaviours in children early in life is one of the most important things parents can do. It’s never too late to begin.

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