What is the Importance of Physical Education in School

“Health is wealth” might be an old adage but it is more relevant than ever before. In
the fast-paced lifestyle, the importance of physical education in school is very high.
Participating in physical activities is a must for students as it boosts physical,
emotional and social health. 
With the increasing use of computer, smartphone and gaming devices, students are
often limited to indoor playing with no real physical engagement. Thus, a wide range
of sports should be included in the curriculum for the holistic development of
youngsters and encourage a fit and healthy upcoming generation. Here are some of
the benefits of physical education in school which shows its importance. 
Academic Performance
A healthy body can directly impact a student’s overall well-being. Various scientific
studies, over the years, have shown that those students indulging in physical
activities regularly are better at learning concepts. Thus, it improves the academic
performance of every individual as well. 
Also, stress is one of the major problems faced by students today. The exam tension
and performance anxiety drains them of their natural energy and bogs them down. A
routine physical activity can prevent stress and boost self-confidence as well. Thus,
physical education can help students manage stress easily.
Physical Fitness
The current lifestyle has deeply impacted the health of youngsters as well as adults.
Lack of time, resources and interest, all have played a major factor in declining
physical fitness among people. A wide range of diseases are affecting adults and
youngsters are an early age. To fight against such a dreadful health scenario, schools
can strictly implement classes that are focused on improving physical fitness. Experts
can share their knowledge on the importance of yoga, exercise, sports, diet and
nutrition. Morning and evening classes can be held to engage students in physical
exercises. This will augur well for the generation to come. 
Sportsmanship and ethics
Another advantage of conducting sports events is that it teaches sportsmanship and
ethics to students. It is something beyond the book and such life lessons can be
learned only through sports like cricket, football, hockey, tennis etc. Winning and
losing should be taught as a part of life and not life itself. Value-based sports
competition can teach about rules and ethics at an early age. This should inculcate
ethical values in individual students. 
Team Building

Today, there is no sphere in life that can succeed without teamwork. Sports is the
best way to understand more about team building. Playing as a team and playing for
the team are subtle things that students can quickly learn with physical educations
and different sports activities. 
Social Activity
Other than team building, it improves the social activity in children. It enables
students with different behaviour and mindset to come together and interact. Since
sports and physical activities are interesting and exciting, it is easy for many students
to easily engage in social activities. 
These are some of the benefits of physical education in schools. Vishwajyot high
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