Oneness in uniqueness

Oneness in uniqueness

“ An original is worth more than a copy”. Each child is different and unique which highlights their originality and authenticity making them stand out in a world full of conformity. Their ideas could be different, their goals could be big, their skillset could be uncommon – these qualities are the ones that need to be nourished and encouraged.

The best way to foster a child’s uniqueness and creativity is through the philosophy of ‘learning by doing’. Learning by doing is the process of learning through actions and it does not require any previous knowledge or understanding. This method ensures that the child learns to actively participate or experiment, rather than being forced to learn something in a predesigned setup. When it comes to introducing a new activity, learning by doing is one of the best ways to do so. The child doesn’t just read about how or what the activity is, but rather gets a chance to understand the application of it. Whether it’s reading a book, learning to write, making new friends or learning a new skill – doing these things will help you learn the best. This one -of- its-kind method offers a different perspective in learning at school. It helps foster creativity, critical thinking and also problem-solving skills that are useful in later life. The hands-on activities make it easier to learn, to remember and is a great way to grasp new concepts. It is also focused towards community connection and building success skills.
Vishwajyot High School is Navi Mumbai’s favourite school and is ranked # 1 in Navi Mumbai and #6 in Mumbai. ranked as #1 in Navi Mumbai and #6 in Mumbai. The discovery based approach at Vishwajyot encourages children to build concepts using their intuition, imagination and creativity. Vishwajyot education is all about personalised learning which is customised to suit the development of each child. Children lead their own learning journeys that are not are not limited to classroom learning but extended to application of it in their lives. In the midst of learning, suddenly came a question, “ If the teachings of Vishwajyot are really customised, then,why should we wear a one size fits all uniform? Can’t we wear our own uniform that is unique to us? why can’t we create our own uniform?” This question got everyone thinking and thus Vishwajyot’s ‘ Un – uniform’ project was born.

And so, Vishwajyot started another journey to take personalisation to the next level, with the students leading the way. The students wanted personalised uniforms and presented different ideas on the same. Vishwajyot lapped up this project and decided to bring these ideas to life and to find unique solutions so that it could help each style child stand out. They invited NIFT alumni to discuss patterns and colours with the school children. Children took independent decisions and voiced their opinions regarding all the crucial aspects of designing a uniform. The fabric, the design and the colour combination all were chosen by the children. And guess what, even the preschoolers were involved in this wonderful project! Isn’t that truly encouraging?

The result is here for everyone to see! Now each child has their own outfit, different colour blocked patterns, different colour schemes and even a mix and match of socks! Now surely each child can wear their ‘unique – ness’ proudly on their sleeves. Vishwajyot indeed has lived up to its motto of not only supporting such initiatives, but also, implementing them. So parents come and join us in many more such personalised initiatives and watch your child bloom and grow.

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