ICSE School Curriculum

Everything You Need to Know About ICSE School Curriculum

What is ICSE school Curriculum?

These days you see so many choices in the education sector that it often leads to confusion. The basic confusion starts with which school to search for your child. and further goes to which board to choose- State board, CBSE, IB or ICSE. Once the curriculum and the benefits of these boards are clear it becomes easy to make a decision for your child. Let us start with the ICSE board – with complete information about the functions of the ICSE board. its pattern along with its benefits.

Benefits of ICSE Education

The counsel for the Indian school certificate examination CISCE was established to administer the examination conducted in India by Cambridge University. This Council conducts the Indian school certificate examination ICSE for standard 10 and the Indian school certificate ISC for standard 12. This is a private national-level board of education in India with English as the recommended medium of instruction. The main features of the Vishwajyot ICSE school curriculum are as follows-

  1. The ICSE Syllabus balances academics and extracurricular activities encouraging students to pursue their skills in addition to academics.
  2. English is the recommended language of instruction and literature is given equal importance to other subjects. This encourages the language development of the students which is beneficial for the child in future learning.
  3. The board includes art education thereby improving creativity and visual-spatial skills in children.
  4. ICSE implements theme-based learning that is more practical as compared to other boards. ICSE identifies the skills of the child and encourages them to learn through various projects and experiences.
  5. The teaching process is interactive and constructive. Thereby involving every child to achieve their maximum intellectual potential and promoting holistic development of the child.
  6. It focuses on maths and science and teaching-learning methodology. It’s hands-on thus helping the child to improve their problem-solving capability and learn the subjects from the core.

Navi Mumbai‘s favourite school Vishwajyot high school is now ranked number 7 in Mumbai. Vishwajyot high school is an ICSE school in Navi Mumbai. A very innovative school that does perfect justice to the ICSE curriculum. The discovery-based learning approach encourages students to build their knowledge using their intuition, imagination and creativity.

Structure of the ICSE school curriculum

The unique learning process follows an integrated curriculum. That facilitates holistic learning allowing every child to grow academically as well as in extracurricular activities. The personalised learning programmes for Math and English ensure that no child is left behind in class. Thus they learn at their own pace. This approach leads to better engagement and higher learning outcomes.

Right from physics, biology, maths, and history to other subjects, students go beyond classroom learning and laboratory experiments. They engage in field trips and real-world concepts to understand the use of the concepts taught in the classroom. The unique pre-primary, primary, middle school and high school curriculum involves much more than studies.

The exposure is given to the students through a multitude of activities. It allows students to explore their interests, broaden their perspectives and gain essential life skills. To put it in a nutshell at Vishwajyot high school children are encouraged to experience the love for learning not only leading to excellent grades but also giving students a beautiful learning experience.

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