Actress Bhagyashree Graces Talent Mania with Her Inspiring Words on Educational Reforms

It was indeed a day to remember for all our amazingly talented students and their parents.  One of Bollywood’s most admired leading ladies of the 90s, Actress Bhagyashree graced us with her presence to motivate all the participants who took part in Talent Mania. It’s moments like these that we cherish and look forward to, here at Vishwajyot High School.

Talent Mania was a one-of-a-kind talent hunt organized and conducted by Vishwajyot High School. Apart from discovering young talents, the primary objective of the event was to uncover the creativity, communication, and critical thinking abilities in children. The audience was simply awe-struck when the beautiful actress made her way to the stage. While everyone was expecting the Chief Guest to proceed with the prize distribution ceremony, the audience witnessed an interesting turn of events. Before giving away the prizes, Bhagyashree caught everyone’s attention with a thought-provoking speech that got all the parents thinking. She emphasized on the importance of looking at talent from a different perspective.

“Each child is born brilliant, and it is up to us, parents and teachers to discover the extraordinary that is within each child.”

Actress Bhagyashree

Addressing the audience at Talent Mania Event,

conducted at Vishwajyot High School

Amrut Dhumal, honourable Co-Founder of Vishwajyot High School, took the conversation forward by shedding some light on how teachers, parents and students can work together as a team to bring out the best in every child.

“Instead of breathlessly waiting for the judges to pronounce your child a winner, we should realise that each child has the potential to be a winner, if only his teachers and parents believe in him and give him all the opportunities to succeed.”

Amrut Dhumal

Co-Founder Vishwajyot High School

Speaking further, she emphasized on the significance of appreciating unique capabilities in every child, while also sharing her thoughts on why there is a need to bring in educational reforms that can truly make a difference in shaping a child’s future. She also spoke at length about how an inquiry-based learning approach, like the one adopted at Vishwajyot High School, can do wonders to explore the real potential of each child. She believes that children have the power to bring about positive change in society and become effective leaders of tomorrow.

“Learning is all about actively seeking answers to questions and solutions to problems rather than merely focusing on what’s been taught in the classroom. It is critical to identify and tap the unique potential of every child.”

–  Actress Bhagyashree

Addressing the audience at Talent Mania Event,

conducted at Vishwajyot High School

Bhagyashree had a wonderful time with the students who participated in Talent Mania and also encouraged them to keep working on their craft, to refine it further. Who knows, one among them could become an actor, as skilful and talented as Bhagyashree herself, and would be invited as a Chief Guest at our school, sometime soon in the future. She also stressed upon the significance of keeping the curiosity and creativity in every child alive, so they are empowered to define their own path to success as they grow up.

The event ended on a high note as Bhagyashree urged the parents to take a pledge to not be judgemental while bringing up children, and not compare them with others. Instead, she encouraged them to believe in their child’s special skills and be a guiding hand in their journey to discovering his/her own genius. The most fulfilling and gratifying moment was when Bhagyashree expressed her wish of attending a school like Vishwajyot during her childhood days – a school that brings to life all the principles of holistic and experiential learning.

We. at Vishwajyot High School, would like to thank Miss. Bhagyashree for her words of wisdom that will now inspire all our students and their parents to look at Talent with a whole new perspective.

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