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Best Pre Primary School in Lonand

Vishwajyot is one of the finest pre-primary schools in Loanand where the early education curriculum is focused on developing the child’s emotional intelligence and foundation for learning through a carefully designed routine that includes play, storytelling, music and art. Play builds concentration, social skills, and satisfies the child’s need for discovery. Storytelling builds fluency in speaking and listening, increases vocabulary and feeds the imagination of the child. Music and Art bring joy to the child’s day while actually strengthening the synapses between the brain cells! Our little kindergarteners also engage in hand work such as beading and stitching which strengthens their fine motor skills, in the process producing useful objects ranging from small beads to sling bags, making Vishwajyot one of the best schools in Lonand known for its rich curriculum.

Pre-Primary Programs

Active Play
1.5~3 Years

Here, at Vishwajyot pre primary school learning, the little apple of your eye is discovering and experiencing the joy of independence. And we encourage them by focusing on activities for their fine motor skills development.

Love for Learning
3~4 Years

Here the child is developing more complex physical and emotional skills. So, at this phase, our preschool education nourishes their budding skills with activities like yoga, storytelling, free play etc. which is vital to their healthy growth.

K1 & K2
Learning by Doing
4~6 Years

This is the age where they’ll be more self-aware, express more, make a lot of new friends, and have a better understanding of their surroundings. And our preschool program’s learning arcs are developed to acknowledge this and aim towards making them a good global citizen – all while strengthening their 4 Cs.


Active Indoor Outdoor

The Nets

Basket Ball Court

The Courtyard

Handicrafts Room

Pottery Rooms

Circular Net

Every pre-primary class has an attached play area with a lush green ground, trees and mud which brings nature right into the classroom. This makes learning and playing an essential part of everyday life, for preschoolers.

What kind of a playground is it, if it doesn’t have a cricket net for practice. Vishwajyot has cricket nets installed in the school playground for all the budding cricketers to help them hone their skills.

Basketball facilities at Vishwajyot have produced numerous gems over the years. Our basketball team regularly participates in various district level competitions and has won accolades up to district level many times.

We believe that a learning environment needs ample space, light, and the opportunity to commune with nature. The courtyard at Vishwajyot, known as the Green Heart, creates a soothing, serene and calm environment that cultivates learning.

Weaving, knitting and stitching are some of the activities that our students do at school. Right from a simple spool for knitting basic patterns to mechanical handlooms for creating complex designs, our students get a rich exposure during their handicraft projects.

Our clay and pottery room is like a meditative space. Equipped with modern pottery wheels and other clay work tools, it provides our students an opportunity to connect with the Earth. Working with clay is known to have a soothing effect on a child’s mind. Therefore the room is designed to give students a much-needed respite.

This is the most recent and exciting installation in our infrastructure. Students of grade 1 use this hanging circular net for recreation. This is installed right in front of their classrooms and our students just wait to come out and play. It improves their agility, attention span, and coordination.

Discovering My Extraordinary World

The formative years of 3 to 6 are dedicated to the exploration of language, habit, kinaesthetic awareness and the joys of creating through imagination. At this phase, our children begin to discover


Get your Answers

In the Primary grades, our curriculum for Math and English follows a continuous path from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Combined with personalisation, this ensures that each child learns at his or her own pace, and is not forced to speed up or slow down according to the syllabus of a particular grade. By the end of the Primary school, we ensure that each child learns all the skills as defined in the ICSE curriculum.

In India, all children are expected to start formal schooling at age 6 in Grade 1. This rule is applicable regardless of which board the student studies in.

The school day starts at 8:30 am. Students are expected to reach the school no later than 8:10 am. The school day ends at 3:30 pm.

At Vishwajyot, we believe in the holistic development of the child. Hence art, which in other schools may be thought of as an ‘extracurricular’ subject, is in built into the everyday curriculum. Apart from this we offer an extensive range of extra curricular activities as electives to students. These include Cooking, Martial Arts, Dance, Journalism, and Design Thinking.

Vishwajyot is one among very few schools in the Navi Mumbai region to have a sports field which is 1 acre in size. It boasts of an all season football turf, a basket-ball court and cricket nets. We have coaches and school teams for all major sports, we also have specialised coaching for kickboxing, Taekwondo and other Martial Arts.

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